1000 ways to die cartoon versionEdit

1-shredded head;daffy was a con artist and selled fake tickets to patrons/cartoon buddies he worked at a shredder center.sylvester was in line next for his ticket but his ticket identified a fake ticket.meanwhile daffy was busy shredding paper when sylvester[with an angry look on his face] and ran after daffy.daffy was trying to find somewhere to hide[when he slips on the some water and falls into the shredder.his body and organs were splatted and ripped.sylvester looked in shock at daffy's body.

2-tennis-balled-out;stitch and his partner sparky were drug dealers who drank drugs.the next day sparky and stitch were looking for drugs and saw a two alcoholic drinks on the counter mean't for[phillp and rick]and drank them then phillp and rick returned from their walk and saw sparky and stitch and dranked glasses and chased after them.sparky and stitch escaped into a tennis ball game and got impladed on the net.the women screamed in horror and rick and phillp were shocked.

3-dead horse;rainbow dash was a stripper who showed off to men for money and of the people named vinyl was jealous and after the show vinyl came to rainbow dash's star room and shot her.the shot pierced her heart and destoryed her lungs.

4-spider trap;bugs was a bug collector who loved his bugs but the ones he liked were his spiders[ruby emma lucy lizzy and emily] he wanted to bit closer to them but he tripped and fell in.the spiders bit his skin and burned his flesh with venom.two months later wile e coyote and tom came in saw bug's dead body.

5-death jump;porky was on a plane flight to hawii and was secretly hiding drugs.but one of the people called octavia found out and porky jumped off the aeroplane with a parachute[empty bag]but once he saw there was no string and fell 6,337 feet to the ground and died.