1000 ways to die oc version messageEdit

"This version of a 1000 ways to die will feature ocs only".

episode 1- death by beginningEdit

" ahhhhh a wise man once told me that the world was possibly well not for these freaks a hippogriff loses his face, a red and black Pegasus gets run over, a female brown and purple unicorn gets stabbed by an umbrella, a orange pegasus gets splashed out, a female yellow unicorn gets shot by herself and a rainbow alicorn gets bombed".

"Death is everywhere most of us try to avoid it others can't get out of its way everyday we live we fight a new war against germs, toxins, injury, illness and catastrophe there's a lot of ways to wind up dead the fact that we survive at all is a miracle because everyday we live we face a 1000 ways to die".


" silver quill was a drunken man who lived in his basement he lived alone his family had left him because he abused them so now all he did was get drunk and uses his snowblower to cool himself off whenever he got bored but one day he got so drunk, that his vision started affecting him his death clock started he fell face first into his snowblower which proceeded to slam against his skull ripping his skin off and shoot his blood out onto the wall as he screamed in pain and he died".

"Silver quill had two things in life he loved his alcohol and his snowblower he abused his family and then lost a face to a skull cracking machine so long silver quill".

2-tooned over:

" toonkritic was a dude who had lost his mind his biggest fuck up this week is running across a dangerous avoiding being hit by cars, trucks and lorries he knew it was dangerous but hardly even cared so he continued annoying drivers telling him to be careful but one day a dust storm swept over blinding toonkritic eventually the dust cleared but not before sending a car from the heavens which rammed straight into toonkritic's body destroying his bone killing him".

"Toonkritic had lost his mind but in return the heavens brought down a car which ended this maniac's life".

3-eli umbrellaed:

" the stars of the host league were in town