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5 boys more adventures is an tv show created by wadeyyy19 for public television and stars 5 main characters trying to fit in with other people. The show will have 23 seasons in it. And will be aired on kix.

The show is a comic bookish kind of show but does have normal cartoon graphics with it. The planet that they live on is called earth 2. On earth 2 the animals can talk and wear clothes and do normal human activities like sports and singing etc.


The main characters in the show are Harry Harold Freddie William and sim. 

Harry is a troublemaking spotted hyena who enjoys annoying the neighbours and passersby. He wears a sunglasses, a pair of ripped jeans, a chain vest and a shirt with a image of a monkey. He is voiced by vanoss who is a YouTuber in the internet. His weapon of choice is machine gun and carries a knife. His girlfriend is haily hyena a character that first appeared in regular show Fanmade characters but was brought into the show. He is kind hearted character and is always up for a fight. Harry has a temper.

Harold is a chestnut horse who is a spy that works for agency g.u.n and just recently dropped out for unknown reasons. He wears a green vest with a goth t-shirt and a jacket with spikes(normal outfit) an all black spy suit(spy outfit) and a posh top hat and cane(posh disguise). He is voiced by shane. His weapon of choice is shotgun and has gadgets. His girlfriend is holly horse. He is a lovely spiked horse with an attitude.

Freddie is a cheeky red Fox who is the leader of the group. He wears a strapped mercenary outfit. And a pair of sunglasses or a pair of shorts and sunglasses with a necklace that says fox. He is voiced by lasercorn. He's weapon of choice is machetes and swords. And his girlfriend is flora fox. He is a very good friend/leader. 

William is a brown weasel who acts a bit like tarzan. He wears metal earrings and cool jungle outfit. He is voiced by Anthony Padilla. His weapon of choice is baseball bat or ray gun. His girlfriend is Willie weasel. He is a kind and gently Hunter and friend.

Sim is a stripped black and white skunk who is the cool biker in the group. He is voiced by caddicarus. His weapon of choice is a shredder gun and power glove watch. His girlfriend is sally skunk. He is a jerk at times but is still A good friend.

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