all deaths can be explained messageEdit

"This is my take on 1000 ways to die and curious and unusual deaths with made up deaths but with 12 deaths per episode

episode 1- death be prepared Edit

"any death is painful but some are more worst than others like the laser tag guy who passed out and away, the paintballer who got paintballed by his own gun, the diver who lost his tank then his life, the hunter who became the hunted by his gun, the runner whos steroids left him a little dead from first, the scientist whos experiment explodes in his face, the librarian who gets electrocuted by a faulty computer socket, the rider whos ride would be his last, the fashion designer whos clothes leave her a little dyed, the killer whos rope left him hanging, the boss whos curiosity left him falling through a window and the animator whos craze sent him suffocating out for help".

Laser tagged out:"Jeffrey Maxwell was having a party on his birthday at lazer maze in Wellingborough as he dreamt of being a pro laser tag player so he when he and his friends were called he was more than happy to play in the game zone the game staff explained the game when she was finished he chose the red team as it was his favourite colour and it was like team fortress 2 his favourite game as well as his best mates to help him in the match".

"Jeffrey was enjoying himself shooting out targets on his friends pack and leading his team to victory but his gun started malfunctioning from various banging from an earlier accident which bumped its wires out of the gun but Jeffrey thought less of it deciding it was fine, but as he aimed to fire on the base his gun malfunction sending millions of volts straight into his arm killing him as he fell smacking the hard floor below".

"Jeffrey maxwell wanted to enjoy his party but instead he ended up in the killzone of a malfunctioning act".

Paintball bomb:" Dan peters and his mates were getting ready for a game of paintball which was Dan's favourite game besides video games they were given suits as well as guns filled with paintballs for firing at each other Dan noticed a problem on his gun but the staff said it was fine and to enjoy the game as the game began Dan his behind a tree aiming the gun at his mate but as he fired the gun exploded firing the refill tank straight into Dan's neck breaking it on impact killing him, air had built up in the refill tank when Dan fired it it repelled shooting off and straight into his neck snapping it on impact".

"Dan peters wanted to enjoy a paintball session but instead his refill tank turn back and broke his neck".

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