cabin in the woods animated versionEdit

"In USA two middle aged men named Wayne donro and Harold Michelangelo are looking forward to their newest collection of college teens to kill for the gods excitement because if they don't entertain the gods". "The gods will destory the world".

"Near duston five teens are looking forward to their cabin holiday near the woods and packing up stuff to take the group consists of:

Ed:"the average jock of the group and the so called athlete for the gods sacrifice".

Freddy:"the black guy of the group and the fool of the gods sacrifice".

Sid:"the drug bong and important co leader of the group and also the 

Haily:"the girlfriend of ed and the whore of the gods sacrifice".


Riley:"the leader of the group and the virgin of the gods sacrifice".

"They arrive at a gas station which is owned by Quinn who is unfriendly and mean and tells them once they're there they can't return".


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