character deaths in blood and gutsEdit

These series of events happen to characters thanks either to stupidity or misunderstanding, accidents or on purpose by another character these unfortunate events ends the live of many each character meets a gruesome death as the show goes on so keep reading.

Remember this is a death list so don't expect full episodes here please enjoy and to anyone faint of heart don't read this enjoy.

death listEdit

Roscoe: while searching for his brother desoto he wanders upon an old cabin filled with corpses of dead victims hanged by their necks on hooks, Roscoe quite panicked runs for the door but slips on some blood on the floor from past victims and gets knocked unconscious when he hits the floor when he awakens he's in a room strapped to a metal table where a known rival was standing next to him it was dodger, Roscoe angrily swears at dodger to let him go but instead dodger flips a switch which Roscoe finds out too late is connected to a high voltage system which electrocutes him as blood shoots out of his mouth.

Banzai: after a night of drinking with ed banzai walks home to his house when the alcohol takes a toll on him hurting his brain as well as giving him a headache, banzai grabs his head annoyed by the pain when suddenly he hears voices in his mind telling him he will die in a few minutes if he doesn't stop walking on the road banzai sarcastically replies that there are no cars on the road telling his mind to shut up for the rest of the walk however as he approaches his house a mustang appears out of nowhere smacking into him as his bones snap out of his body causing massive amounts of blood to spill everywhere as the driver looks down in shock.

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