.1: Jeff the killer pt 1Edit

Jeff woods was born on October 19 1998. His parents were happy to see their new son who they called jeff. 

Jeff got along with his brother who are both 12. Jeff and Lui were always playing games or talking to each other. One day jeff and Lui went to school called grothsworth and see posters of random peeps. 

One day jeff heard a noise and went to investigate and found a dog called Zeus(later known as smile dog). And said " poor thing". And he took it home but one day Zeus ran away leaving jeff crying. 

Jeff's life was how it was before met Zeus. So one day when he came home. He went straight to his room and laid there for 5 minutes and suddenly heard a familiar voice and looked out his window it was Rodger Macbeth. 

Jeff was infuriated and ran outside and got beat up. Jeff was badly punched nose bleed cut arms all sorts of things.

One day jeff came back home to find the house was on fire and his mum margaret said "don't worry we're going to Maryland and your gonna love it there. Jeff hardly believed his ears that means he won't be able to see Dan and Jody for a while. 

Jeff and his family boarded the plane to Maryland and once he got he asked "will there be other teens here". "Of course". Liu asked jeff if he missed Jody and dan. "Yes". Jeff said with tears but realised he will see them again.

Jeff and his family moved into house number 32. Jeff and his brother Liu were unpacking their things from the car. 

Jeff was having a strange feeling in his head like an vision. But denied it. And continue to unpack the car. Once inside the house he ran room and looked in there. 

There were games on shelves and books in draws and instruments too but there also posters comics and cds and movies. Everything a teen needs. 

Suddenly he heard the doorbell and ran downstairs and opened the door. And at the door there was a woman and her 8 year old son. 

"Hello I'm Barbara and this my son Peter. She said pointing at the 8 year old. "I'm these are my sons jeff and liu". 

So the woman invited them to her son's party Liu and Jeff declined but their mother said yes.

So jeff and his brother Liu enjoyed life as they went to school and met jane and jeremy ( her brother). Jeff was as happy as ever but then had that strange again.

One day jeff and Liu were at the bus stop waiting for the bus. When 3 twelve year olds jumped over them with their skateboards. And pulled out knives on them and attacked.  Jeff had that feeling again and attacked them. Two were bruised one was punched. Jeff asked " what are your names?". I'm Randy and the skinny one is keith and the fat one is troy.

Jeff and Liu saw the bus and ran. Jeff said nothing for the rest of the day. One day the police came asked jeff to juvy but Liu protecting his brother said he did it And was taken away.

Jeff was sadder than ever when his brother left to prison. Jeff's parents were getting ready the next day.

Jeff got into his closet and pulled out some skinny jean a grey shirt and a white hoodie. And they were off. At the party jeff Sat on a chair bored.

When a kid ran up and said "wanna pway". "No kid". "Pwease". So jeff played with the kid and thought at first it was ridiculous but then he a appeared to be enjoying himself.

Suddenly some skateboards jumped over a fence and on them. Stood Randy Keith and troy. Keith and troy pulled out guns and pointed them at the other parents and kids. "Nobody move or guts will fly.  Jeff was angry and said "  we're even I beat you up and you sent my brother to juvenile.

Randy attacked and threw him into the patio door. Jeff had a bottle of vodka thrown on his face. Suddenly something snapped and all jeff could do is kill. He punched Randy in the chest and his heart stopped and he died. He ran upstairs and hit troy with a towel rack knocking him down. Keith was left. Bleach went everywhere and landed on them and hit Keith with the towel rack and as Keith bleed out he grinned. 

Jeff asked " what's so funny". "What's funny is that you got bleach and vodka all over you. And threw a lighter at jeff. 

Opon inpacked he became a human inferno. Next thing he knew he was in hospital and saw another person it was jane. "Hey jane baby. Jane was happy to see jeff and kissed jeff. Jeff felt his face and smiled he will remember that forever. The day finally came and Jeff's family came to see him. The bandages were taken off and everyone including Liu Were shocked and Jeff saw his face was leathery white his mouth was a dark red and his hair went from brown to black.

His family got his hoodie and skinny jeans and top and left. Jeff's mum heard sobbing in the bathroom and saw Jeff who had cut out his eyelids and sliced a smile into his mouth. Jeff's mum ran to her husband and told him to get the gun. But Jeff was behind them and gutted them. 

He went to his brother Liu and said shh just go to sleep. Later that night Jeff slit Liu throt and was never seen again.

2. Ben drowned pt 1Edit

Ben Peters was born April 23 2002. His parents were Tim and Mary.

Ben was a loner in his school nobody liked him. His bully (Gunther Fett) was a example. He would push Ben into trashcans and steal his lunch money. Ben would always go home with bad cuts and bruises.

Ben had a party one time and his parents invited Gunther Fett to it. He was about 8 back then. He pushed Ben into a cake and cut him with a knife. Ben was infuriated by night time because that meant listening to nightmares in his brain. About Gunther and his buddies( Ed Dredd and Freddy Gropp) who constantly in his dreams chase him and beat him to death. He would scream. After the dream it was morning and he desided to play his new video game. But in a middle of a game his mom had said to go to shops.

Anyway Ben was on his way to the shops with his mom and dad. And as they reached a lake, the breaks had stopped all of a sudden and the car fell in the water. Ben had drowned.(he was also a HUGE fan of LOZ, in M.M., u can do some stuff to spawn him he looks a LOT like link)

3. Slenderman pt 1Edit

Sam Ricks was born 12 May 2013. 

He was a photographer and storyteller who told scary stories to kids. He loved his job actually he loved it so much. He thought maybe he could create a site for his stories and came up with the word "creepypasta".

As he was driving home one night he caught a slight turn in the road and fell into acid bleach and glass. When he saw his reflection in the sea.... To all the people who can read this and know that none of this is true none of this is install the app wattpad and the books and research is there please these stories were made for fun Thank you 🐈🐈🐈