the beginning Edit

Scourge was thinking of a plan when fiona came in and asked "what are you doing?". "I'm thinking of a plan to get sonic. Plans:

1. Blow up sonic no

2. Poison him and friends no

3. Gather up all villains to destroy sonic and other heroes ding.

"Let's call every villain to help us". "Cool plan. " I'll go and do that right now!. 

So scourge Sat back in his Throne and grinned "you'll never be able to stop us all sonic". 

Meanwhile back in knothole. Sonic and co. Were working on a new experiment called plasma lovers a chemical that shrinks things." Hey Sal done yet" sonic said impatiently. "Almost got it. "Yes". " I was gonna ask if you can help me with something. Sally wondered with thought ?. 

Tails came in sweating with fear and turned to sonic. "Sonic scourge is at it again and he's not alone. Sonic thought and then wondered about what tails said. " that green speedster couldn't beat me and he's not getting away with it". "But sonic it's not just him it's every villain from every popular culture (Comics videogames and tv shows)". 

Sonic went outside and saw that tails was right and