final destination 1Edit

sonic and his friends were going to paris on a plane. suddenly sonic had a premonition about the plane exploding.he gets sally,fiona,mina,tails scourge and shadow off the plane.and the plane explodes in midair. the next day sonic says he had premonition about the event, they see someone but don't believe him and carry on with their lives but he's right.

tails goes home to have a shower but slips on some soap and get his neck wrapped round the towel rack and suffocates to death.when tail's parents see him dead in the bath.they blame sonic.but sally believes it wasn't his she meets up with him and mina at the coffee place.but scourge sees them and confronts sonic while they are arguing

mina tries to get them to stop but fails and loses her temper and walks unknowingly into the road and is hit by a bus and her blood splatters on everyone.shocked they found out the guy was right,

sonic finds out fiona is next.fiona goes and cooks herself something,but slips on the floor and knife gets stuck in her chest and she bleeds but is half alive untill the oven explodes causing and to fall on and the knife to goes deeper in her chest killing her.

on their way to somewhere.scourge becomes suicidal and drives recklessly around the street and onto a train track.but quickly changes his mind.shadow insulted by scourge steps on the train track.the others tell him to get off the track,but a train picks up a shrapnel and cuts his half of his jaw off.and he dies.

six months later he sally and scourge go to paris and wonder who's next.while wondering sonic nearly gets hit by a bus but is saved by scourge.who says sonic next but is wrong.

he then asks who's next.just a neon sign hits him killing him.


sonic as alex browning

sally as clear rivers

scourge as carter horton

fiona as ms lewton

shadow as billy hitchco

tails as todd waggner

and mina as terri chaney .


                                           final destination 2Edit

                               final destination 2 Edit

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