the next stepEdit

Three years ago they had gotten married and now were expecting children for jasiri she was happy but for janja he was nervous he'd never been a father before the thought of becoming a father gave him a headache almost to the point of breaking his sanity but calmed himself everytime (I hope this doesn't hurt my head too much) he approached jasiri "hey jasiri excited about the pups?" Jasiri looked up at him "yeah to be honest the idea of becoming a mother is quite tiring" janja chuckled "tell me about it the idea of becoming a father terrifies me to the bone" janja's body shook as he finished his sentence.

Janja smirked in embarrassment "anyway thought of any names for the pups?" She smirked then said. "Well I have thought of some but, i'm still debating." Janja got even more nervous than before. Jasiri looked to Janja's paws noticing a puddle around him, she looked at him with a confused expression. As her head snapped up she noticed the sweat pouring down Janjas face. "Um Janja...are you ok?." Jasiri said becoming a little worried. Janja gulped before asking one particular thing. " many pups do you think you're gonna have?" Janja asked stuttering alittle. 

jasiri thought to herself "well from what I've been told I can have around 3 pups and that's the limit from the average litter of pups but if we do get more will you be able to handle it?" Janja felt sweat fall from his forehead and sighed "Guess we'll just have to wait and see" jasiri smiled "well whatever the case I know you're gonna be a great father for our pups just don't mention the bad things you've done" janja rolled his eyes "jasiri?" Jasiri sniggered to herself "kidding" she shrugged as she lied down calmly for the night.

Janja walked over "well I think you'll be a great mother considering your past" jasiri looked up smirking "janja?" Janja laughed "heh got ya yes payback" jasiri rolled her eyes before yawning "ahhhh well I think I'm gonna hit the hay" janja was confused "what?" Jasiri opened one of her eyes "you know shut my eyes and sleep that thing?" Janja remembered the slang word "oh I remember now yeah me too" janja lied down as he snuggled up next to jasiri before planting a kiss on her cheek "night jasiri" jasiri smirked in her sleep "night janja". and then they FUCKED

seeing old friends againEdit

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