killed 1Edit

scene 1;pinkie pie punches fluttershy away from her. fluttershy hits pinkie pie in the face.but pinkie pie gets back up and does a kicking attack but fluttershy moves out of the way,pinkie pie crashes into a wall but still full of energy does a upper cut.fluttershy falls to the ground.pinkie pie holds a gun to her head and says any last words.fluttershy says yes before kicking the gun from pinkie's hoof and grabs the gun.she holds the gun to her head and shoots her.

scene 2;spyro uses his fire powers and burns sparx skin.sparx heals himself before taking a punch to spyro's head.spyro dodges and sparx hits a wall and hurts his hand.spyro starts laughing untill sparx unlesses his wing power and hits spyro in the groan.spyro bleeds to death.while sparx leaves him to die.

scene 3;mario hits luigi across the stomach.luigi recovers and grabs a fire flower and shots a fireball at hits him and he falls backwards towards a wall but grabs an invicible star and runs at luigi.luigi dodges and the star power runs out.luigi pulls out mario's guts and cuts his head off.

scene 4;bowser kicks eggman in groain.but eggman then does a triple kick to bowser.bowser dodges and punches him sending him to straight into a wall.eggman grabs a sword and cuts bowser in half.bowser dies.