kion and janja tickle jasiriEdit

It was a lovely day in the pridelands the birds were chirping, the bees were buzzing and the guard were finishing up for the day kion sat down to breathe before saying "well done guys we've helped a lot of animals today well see you tomorrow" the others left to go do their own things kion sighed "phew what a day well I think it's time I met certain someone again" he grinned as he finished his sentence.

Kion walked over to the outlands where he was greeted by janja "hey kion what took you so long?" Kion smirked "oh I had to say goodbye to the guys so where's jasiri" kion grinned happily, janja grinned happily too "follow me" they continued walking until they got to a cave inside jasiri was tied by her paws to a wall by bones her legs were tied together as well making it impossible for her to escape unless someone released her but knowing kion and janja she knew that wouldn't be easy.

Jasiri's eyes were closed too kion wondered what janja did to get her here "so how do you get her here?" Janja smirked "I found a sleeping potion outside don't worry it only lasts ten minutes" 10 minutes had passed and the once sleeping hyena had woken up "aww" she yawned she tried to move but she couldn't then she looked at her hands and legs they were tied up by vines and bones, she struggled to get out when suddenly she looked up to see two familiar faces it was kion and janja they were smiling at her.

She wondered what they were gonna do to her "kion, Janja what are you two gonna do to me?" Kion smirked "you know that hyenas like to laugh?" Jasiri nodded "yes" janja stepped in "well me and kion want to play a game with you" jasiri knew exactly what that meant "wait are you two gonna tickle please don't I'm way too ticklish" janja smirked "thanks for telling us that" and with that they took out two feathers from behind their backs.

Jasiri shook trying to escape her restraints when suddenly felt a feather on her foot she started giggling "hehehehhehehehehheh stop it hehehhheh" it was kion tickling it with his feather smirking, jasiri thought that was it but then Janja started tickling her left armpit which was her weak spot "HaHaHaHaPLEASEHaHaHaHaSTOPHAHaHa that tickles".

After 25 minutes had passed kion and janja finally decided she'd had enough and untied her from her restraints kion grinned " enjoy that jasiri" Janja smirked "yeah did you enjoy it jasiri" jasiri looked at them both ready to tickle them back but they held their feathers as a friendly warning.

Jasiri nervously said "yeah that was a lot of fun.

The end 

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