episode 1 - a lion's roarEdit

Janja: "well we blew it sky high"

Cheezi: "haha good one janja"

Chungu: "yeah that was a good one"

Janja: "you morons I wasn't joking, well should we say it?"

Janja, cheezi and chungu: "it looks like team hyena is blasting off again!!!!!"

episode 2 - fast like a cheetahEdit

Nne: "great now what are we gonna tell janja?"

Tano: "we ain't got no food"

Nne: "yeah, but first"

Nne and tano: "it looks like team hyena Is blasting off again!!!!!!"

episode 3 - strength of a hippoEdit

Reirei: "our food gone, what are we gonna eat now?"

Goigoi: "what about hyraxes?"

Reirei: "well whatever we eat, we should probably do this first?"

Reirei and goigoi: "it looks like team jackal's blasting off again"

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