Dead boy's smileEdit

It has become time for me to explain a rather terrifying tale so let's begin.

Dean is a regular derpy teen age 14 who was constantly being bullied by an asshole by the name of ricky sterling who would push him in the trashcan and having a swirly every day.

Dean went to his class and saw lara his dream girlfriend and his best mate shaun rattlesnake so he went to his chair and listened to some boring features and maturity.

That night he went home and asked his mother Susan and father Simon for a glass of malk and a bagel of justice his parents agreed and so ate his bagel and had a poo on Toilet before going to bed.

The derpy kid crawled into bed and thought of lara being with him and fell asleep and then had a Terrible nightmare:

He was at school and saw Ricky cutting of his hand and replacing it with a chainsaw he then proceeded to chase Dean through the halls until Dean got to a classroom suddenly a massacre of dead children started clawing at him as he saw Ricky cut off his neck.

Dean woke up with a fright that day and ran downstairs his parents what happened he lied by saying I read a scary story and smirked and ran to the bus  his heart was pounding from the dream.

He was walking through the hall when saw Ricky coming as Ricky was about to grab him Dean grabbed his wrist amd twisted it Ricky limped away.

Dean was sent to detention for a day and went feeling quite happy with himself and thought I have unlimited strength and he smiled a evil smirk.

That night his mother heard a sob and went into the bathroom and saw her son had gouged his right eye and peeled chunks of skin from his body And a he was wearing slightly ripped jeans and a hoodie and he wore heavy metal t shirt.

And sneakers.

His mouth was ripped from cheek to Cheek and cut a prominent tattoo that said dead boy his ran to her husband and told him to get the gun and her son saw what she said and stabbed her and his father.

So in conclusion don't mess with a teen who is derpy!.......,