my top 100 favorite creepypastasEdit

1-i hate you;i hate you is a mario creepypasta about a save file when happens to a guy who is not named.he plays through though and encounters a blind boo,some thwomps.a weird mushroom.dead versions of himself.and luigi.oh don't forget that creepy monster on the window watching you.anyway you must go into a whirlpool to get to this's starts in small room.then a room of thwomps.a room full of water.and a room with a mushroom.and a floor full of lava.Lava what the hell get to the end only to encounter lava.oh and luigi.luigi was boss in this level for some reason.and beat him and guess what mario cries and at the begining he was scared.anyway he cries for 5 seconds untill the game end.and leaves us with a creepy photo.thanks game.

2-jeff the killer;here's a classic jeff was a normal teenager who lived with his mother and father and brother begins with a boy telling us what happened to him before story.oh yeah and one more he stabs a boy's father in the shoulder.the shoulder goddamn jeff.after that weird begining.we see jeff as bdooy living with his family[read the top part on this bit].they counter some kids called randy troy and keith who were a bit like gangsters anyway .he beats them leaving two with cuts and one with bruises.his brother is taken from the police[he lied] the next day jeff went to billy's party and met randy troy and keith again and then lost sanity and killed them while also being covered in vodka and bleach and became an inferno man and burned to death.the next scene show he survived the fire and was covered in bandages.then a few days later his parents and brother came to see him,and were horrified to see him[white leathery skin and black hair] anyway at home.his mother checks on him.bad idea.and is scared because he carved a smile and burnt his eyelids.kills parents and bro.done.



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