"Come on come on aww damnnit tails". "Hey and welcome to my top 25 favourite sonic games.". 

"In this list I will feature my favourite games in sonic".  

"Okay let's do it".

the listEdit

25-sonic cd: "fourth sonic game ever! Released after sonic and knuckles". "Sonic had to rescue amy after she is kidnapped by metal sonic". "The game a time for it you leave it for 3 mins". "Sonic will commit suicide by jumping off the stage and a creepy theme plays". 

24-sonic 06- "I know what you're gonna say(this game is glitchy) well yes it is". "But that doesn't stop it from being on my list". "In this game eggman kidnaps elise". "And sonic has to rescue her". "If you die three times you have to start the story all over again".

23-sonic adventure: "the first installment of sonic adventure series". "In this game a princess called tikal(hmmph get it tickle)". "Has to protect the grand emerald from eggman and sacrifices herself to stop perfect chaos from destroying it".

22-sonic riders:"it's the third racing game until sega all stars". "In this game sonic team races against Babylon rogues(jet wave storm)". "In the end they fight the babylon guardian".

21-sonic fighters:"first sonic fighting game and successful scores". "In this game sonic and co battle to see who fights eggman in the final fight".

20-sonic the hedgehog(1991): "the game that started it all". "In this game eggman kidnaps baby flickies and imprisons them in robots or capsules"."sonic has to free the flickies and stop eggman".

19-sonic heroes: "a game that is like sonic adventure". "In this game 4 teams(team s sonic tails and knuckles team d shadow rouge and omega team c vector espio and charmy and team r amy cream and big". "You have to fight metal sonic".

18-sonic unleashed:" sonic unleashed is an night/day timeline kind of game". "In this game sonic crashlandes into a jumpy Gaia called light Gaia or chip". "In the day he's speeding and at night he's a warehog".

17-sonic colours:"planets and hyper go ons". "In this game sonic and tails to an evil amusement and have to stop eggman".