"Hi and welcome to my top 32 favourite YouTubers". "Have fun and keep reading".

"Now let's begin".

the listEdit

32-egoraptor:"this guy is friggin awesome". He makes video parodies of sonic(team awesome and mario".

31-Wiiviewr: "a group of 3(wiiviewer lilwiiviewr and the littliestwiiviewr)". "These guys make Wii and eshop and wiki".

30-tats top videos: "tats is on my list because he's awesome and he makes top lists and podcasts". "Insanely popular and famous". "Tats is a guy you wouldn't wanna miss".

29-kaiskov: "kaiskov is sonic top ten list and video game historian".

28-avgn:"a nerd with a problem". "The avgn is a video game joker who makes fun of stupid and annoying old Atari video games". "Makes up rude words about them and has a rivalry with the nostalgia critic".

27-vanossgaming:" imagine this a guy with a bunch of friends make videos and keep in the funniest moments". "Yes vanossgaming is on my list because of that". "He makes gta 5 cod etc videos and posts them on YouTube".

26-hoodohoodlumsrevenge:"a guy who does top tens about creepypastas". "This guy can take a story like (sonic.exe or Jeff the killer)"."and turn it into a frickinn hilarious top ten list".

25-game theorists:"a group of dudes mostly Matpat who take game theories like is sonic actually fast or is mario a communist". "Whatever happens you know your going to enjoy this guy".

24-nostalgia critic:"a critic with a big success for criticizing films like the purge or the lorax". "Doug walker is frickinn mad and funny".

23-tails's channel:"a channel where so called tails the fox makes videos where he puts games like sonic o6 or sonic colors I'm an review"." Whoever plays in this channel is bloody good".

22-the fine bros

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