my vanossgaming stories, story 1:delirious's lifeEdit

H20delirious is a average motherfucker who lives in a house full of crack. he wears a hockey mask and a blue hoodie. Delirious has the most weirdest laugh out of all of them.

Anyway to the story.

vanoss: brown streak man is coming to town!

Liu:yeah I'm ready for poop

(vanoss and delirious laugh)

delirious:you crazy moron Hahahahaha

Delirious: hello I'm am delirious cock sucking masturbating man. My real name is Jonathan. in vanoss's videos I'm usually the most insane guy in them. we enjoy the support you give us and please subscribe but anyway back to this shit.

I am Wild cat:dododododo banana bus

delirious:the bus has arrived hahaha

vanoss:ok here we go. Ha your head is sticking out the window haha

nogla:oh God 


(Scene cuts)

Delirious:hey Evan get over here 


Delirious: so I can kill you Hahahahaha

(Shots vanoss) Hahahahaha

(scene cuts)

Delirious: hey guys check this out (tah dah) it's a dildo hahahaha

(Everyone laughs)

Delirious:my song is delirious outta my mind and it goes great with my personality. My mask is Jason Voorhees and I'm called h20delirious because I like water and I think delirious is an awesome name.

Lui: it's time for poop party.

(H20delirious poos on the floor)

Delirious: Hahahahaha

Vanoss: Hahahahaha 

Lui: Hahahahaha

Delirious:I am a asshole to everyone and I prefer the knife as my melee weapon. vanoss is a great guy and thanks bye.

story 2: wildcat's lifeEdit

I am wildcat is a pig and a funny bus driver. he along with delirious are the most funniest of the group. he was sent to prison for wearing trousers in no trousers town.

Wildcat: well I am a pig so I'm awesome oink

Delirious: hmm Hahahahaha

Vanoss: oh yeah (bombed) damnnit

I am the pig of the gang and the sings banana bus made by myself. My real name is Tyler.

Brock: sumo mode activated

Wildcat: you're fat Hahahahaha

Well I am a pig and I play in the dirt and yeah bye.

story 3: Lui's lifeEdit

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