chapter 1: the beginningEdit

Sonic mario bugs and Mickey were sitting on the couch playing jungle party with remix music in the background when sonic said:

Sonic: hi guys do you wanna play truth or dare.

Mario: your on sonic!



So they turned off the game and played truth or dare. 

Sonic: I dare Mickey to tickle bugs

Bugs: what no Hahahahaha hahaha stop

Mickey: okay hmmm sonic I dare you to upload an embarrassing video to you.

Sonic:huhhh fine (sings roar while in the shower.) (Dries himself).

Suddenly there was noise out side "huh?" Hmm". So sonic bugs Mickey and Mario went outside.

There was a portal and it sucked them in. "Ahhhhhhh" they screamed. As they were on their way on a big adventure.

 chapter 2: the adventure startsEdit

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