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"Hi and welcome to pokemon profiles the show where we pick a pokemon and talk about their appearances, their abilities, their history and many more things".

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Name: pikachu


Type of pokemon:electric


"Pikachu is known as the star of the pokemon franchise and the favourite of many people for his adorable look and his cute electrical red cheeks which make him look like he's blushing".

"Pikachu is a mouse type electric pokemon with a yellow body with stubby feet and arms and on his head he has two black tufts on his ears and red rosy cheeks he also has a really cool tail in the shape of a lightning bolt".

"Pikachu is ash Ketchums first pokemon ever given to him by professor oak because the charmander,bulbasaur and squirtle were all picked by other trainers who came early". "When pikachu was first given to ash he wouldn't listen to him and kept eletrocuting him". "It wasn't until ash shielded him from pack of spearows and pikachu saved ash by eletrocuting them and since then ash and pikachu have best buddies throughout the series of shows".

"Pikachu can learn the following: thunderbolt, iron tail, quick attack, and many other awesome moves obtained by levelling up".

"Thank you pikachu for being on the show today bye little buddy".