sonic vs dragon ball Edit

Imagine this for a moment there's a blue hedgehog who can really run fast like usaine bolt on steroids as you guys may know that character is sonic the hedgehog, created in the 90s by sega this blue lovable teenage hedgehog was big with 90s kids all over the world spanning 5 television shows, a bunch of popular comic books and loads of video games.

But that's not why we're here at the same time a artist by the name of akira toriyama created dragon ball an manga series following the adventures of goku, a saiyan warrior with the power to do kamekameha and transform into stronger versions of himself called super saiyans following goku were vegeta, piccolo, krillin, his son gohan and many More characters as the manga continued, because of this toei animation made a deal with akira to use her characters for an anime series which she agreed to and thus dragon ball was born.

But we're not here to go over the whole history of these franchises we're here to talk about the super forms

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