roscoe changes his ways Edit

Oliver was settling down in fagin's boat when he heard a voice "hey cat can I talk to you?" Oliver recognised that voice it was Roscoe he considered the offer however he wasn't sure if desoto was with him or not, oliver decided to give it a try "okay I'm coming" oliver reached the top to meet with the Doberman "uh hey Roscoe what are you doing here?" Roscoe sighed "well I've been thinking maybe working for Sykes isn't all it's cracked to be" oliver was shocked "you mean you want to quit?" Roscoe nodded "I thought working with Sykes and hurting people was the best thing ever but now I realize that's really not how I want my life to be" Roscoe looked down sadly "but I'm sure dodger and his gang would probably kill me if they saw me with you" oliver felt sorry for Roscoe but didn't know what to do.

Oliver took a deep breathe "okay give me a sec I'll be back" oliver walked down the stairs and towards dodger "hey dodger uhm could I ask you something" dodger opened one eye "go ahead kid" oliver thought of what to say "well I just had a chat with Roscoe and he said he wants to quit being a bad guy" dodger got up "so where is Roscoe?" Oliver pointed to the stairs "on the deck" dodger approached the stairs "you coming kid" oliver ran up the stairs close to dodger when they reached the top dodger turned to roscoe, Roscoe looked at dodger "I know what you're gonna say you want me to leave?" Dodger smirked "actually from what I've heard you want to quit being a bad guy" Roscoe pleaded with dodger "please let me join your gang I'll be a big help against desoto and Sykes" dodger thought about it "deal" he reached his paw to him "welcome to the gang roscoe enjoy your stay" Roscoe smiled happily pulling dodger and Oliver into a hug "thanks guys from now on I'm loyal to you not Sykes".

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