scootaloo x sweetie belle: no scooter beats a kissEdit

It was a wonderful day in ponyville earth ponies were working hard on their gardens, pegasi were kicking clouds and unicorns were practicing magic everypony was busy except for a certain little pegasus filly named scootaloo she was in her room thinking about something in the clubhouse. Sweetie belle came in and asked her "what's on your mind scootaloo you've been sitting here nearly all day and you haven't even ridden on your scooter today?", scootaloo snapped out of her thoughts suddenly and fainted from exhaustion. When she awoke she found herself on her bed in her house and next to her was sweetie belle who was nursing her to full health.

Sweetie belle walked up to her and asked if she was okay scootaloo rubbed her head and said " yeah im alright" scootaloo got up from her bed and walked to her door to open it but found it was locked she turned to sweetie belle confused "uhh sweetie belle the door's locked?" Her friend's response was a pair of flirty eyes and a grin, "I knew you were thinking about me scoots so I locked the door to give us some privacy". Privacy? What was she gonna do, scootaloo thought for a minute and sure enough she found the answer " ohh you wanna kiss me don't you?".

Sweetie belle nodded in agreement saying "yep" and with that she plucked one right onto scootaloo's lips at first scootaloo was surprised but eventually succumbed to it and kissed back with all her might, eventually the pair stopped "awww I'm tired wanna have a nap with me sweetie belle", sweetie belle nodded her head and as the pair laid inside scootaloo's bed. The two fillies went to sleep cuddling each other in comfort and in love as even though scootaloo loved scooters she knew no scooter could beat a kiss.

The end

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