Sonic characters as vanoss and friendsEdit

Sonic as vanoss

Scourge as h20delirious

Knuckles as nogla

Tails as Lui calibre

Shadow as thegamingterroriser

Silver as bassicalyidowrk

Espio as cartoonz

Vector as I am wildcat

Mighty as miniladd


I choose sonic to be vanoss because he is a funny and cheeky guy just like vanoss. 

I choose scourge to be delirious because he can at times be insane and laughs constantly at others suffering.

I choose knuckles to be nogla because he is one of those guys who messes around and gets himself killed.

I choose tails to be Lui because he is a young boy/fox who would be perfect to be Lui and do his squeaker voice.

I choose shadow to be thegamingterroriser because it would be flipping hilarious to hear him say "we need to get to ze chopper!".

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