The many deaths of scourge the hedgehog Edit

Sonic adventures in Möbius:

The Match Maker:"scourge is about to hit sonic off the ledge of the chemical plant bridge but sonic smacks him in the crotch causing him to grab it as he writhes in pain, sonic grabs him and tosses him off the bridge and into the acidic water below causing his skin to peel and rip from his body as he screams in pain and dies".

fools for style:"scourge laughs as fiona tortures sally suddenly sonic runs into the room and hits scourge scourge retaliates by smacking him back as he goes to do a finishing blow to sonic, sally wraps her legs around Fiona and threatens to kill her by snapping her neck". "Scourge let go of sonic and saves Fiona from sally suddenly scourge tells Fiona to run and continues his fight with sonic but sonic manages to grab Scourge's neck and chokes him to death".

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