The New LeadersEdit

In the outlands janja was sulking in his den turns out his friends had finally dumped him for jasiri and now he was all alone, eventually he heard a voice coming from the outside the den "hey janja" came the voice of a certain female hyena janja knew to well it was jasiri "oh its you go ahead laugh at how much of a leader i was no point even caring about my life anymore I've got no food no friends and no mate" janja sadly sat against the wall with his paws in his eyes crying. 

Jasiri could see that her former rival was sad she could even see the tears on his face when he took his paws away from his eyes, they were shattering looking eyes like he hadn't slept for days "ever since the fellas left me to be your servants I haven't slept at all" jasiri came closer to janja and sat next to him before saying "I know how you feel right now I felt the same when my clan left me" janja looked at jasiri confused "your clan left you too?" Jasiri nodded "my parents thought I couldn't look after myself and they left me on that same rock where I use to live before your friends chose me over you".

Janja wiped his tears away "well i wish the fellas were here" jasiri looked down sadly "I'm afraid a rogue lion has killed your clan including cheezi and chungu " is it nuka?" Jasiri nodded sadly "I was lucky enough to survive thanks to my abilities I blinded the lion with my dust attack and ran as fast as I could I was lucky I found you your the only male left in the outlands",  janja turned his head to jasiri " huh im really gonna miss those guys especially cheezi and chungu" janja continued to cry until he felt a paw touch his muzzle it was jasiri's.

Jasiri brought the male hyena closer to her "I've always fancied you janja ever since we met, even after you pinned me down that one time, ever since our noses touched by accident when I was returning to my den", janja stopped crying " you mean you want to be my mate?" Jasiri answered his question simply by closing her eyes and kissing him on the muzzle although janja was at first shocked he eventually succumbed to it closing his eyes too before kissing her back.

"Well looks like I'm second in command matriarch" janja said finally after they stopped kissing, jasiri cuddled up beside janja "don't forget my big strong boyfriend protecting me from rogue lions" janja stopped for a minute "yeah about that uhm do you think we should tell kion what happened to the fellas and now we're mates?" Jasiri thought for a minute before finally considering the situation "don't worry i think kion will understand once I tell him" "and what about his friends and family will they allow us into the pridelands?".

"simba and nala were sadly killed by an accident including a wildebeest a sinkhole and a cave in unfortunately they suffocated in the caves, kion and kiara are now being looked after by their uncles timon and pumbaa but kion has injured his leg and won't be able to take care of duty as leader of the lion guard for a while". Janja started walking into the pridelands jasiri followed confused " what are you doing only I'm allowed out here if kion and his friends know you're here they'll use the roar on you?" Janja chuckled "I'm pretty sure once we explain to them that we're mates he'll let me in oh yeah from now on I promise never to hunt another animal cross my heart". 

Jasiri smiled at her new mate "okay if you say so cutie lead the way", janja smirked happily when suddenly he saw a paw smack him in the face knocking him back he prepared to fight but stopped himself when he saw it was kion's friends beshte fuli bunga and ono "what are you doing here janja? Outlands are that way" fuli say with gnashed teeth "oh hey fuli uhm you don't where kion is do you? Uhm I need to ask a favor urgently" ono flew near janja's head "and why should we take you to kion what are you gonna do eat him?".

Janja started walking back towards the outlands sadly when someone grabbed by the shoulder it was jasiri " wait here I'll explain everything", janja responded by lying down and watching nervously meanwhile jasiri was explaining the situation "janja isn't the same like he use to be before I came back and comforted him he was a right wreck he looked like he was going to commit suicide luckily I stopped him before that could happen" fuli was the first to speak, "so Janja isn't gonna disturb the Pridelands or attack us?" Jasiri nodded "good wait until kion finds out wait what about cheezi and chungu?" Jasiri looked down sadly as did janja "unfortunately cheezi and chungu were killed by nuka".

Fuli understood the situation in janja's prospective with confidence she approached him "sorry about hitting you earlier janja?" Janja looked up "apology forgiven, life hasn't been easy for me for most of it I've been crying staying awake at night and going insane it wasn't until jasiri found me that I finally calmed down and now we're mates right jasiri?" Jasiri walked over and hugged him "yep which means I'm the leader well if you think about it we're both sort of leaders I'm the matriarch and he's the second in command".

Ono flew down next to janja "so does this mean we're in a truce we'll let you eat if you don't disturb the pridelands?", janja looked at the egret calmly and chuckled to himself " heh guess it does" Ono nodded proudly "wait doesn't that we're out of job?" Ono said before he remembered makuu and reirei "oh wait I forgot about makuu and reirei guess we're not out of a job" janja stood up happily and turning to the guard he said "so does this make us friends?" Bunga Ono fuli and beshte looked at each other then smiled "course it does come here dude" and with that they all hugged.

Fuli froze "wait should we tell kion if he sees us with janja he'll attack him despite his injured leg", jasiri blushed remembering that kion had injured himself and wasn't able to use the roar of elders right now "well that's why we're here we need to talk to him about janja and me being mates aswell as that his clan is dead" janja nodded "or else I'm dead myself from his paws" janja gulped anxiously from the image in his head of kion ripping his flesh apart before speaking "bunga could you let kion know I'm here and that I've made a truce with him?" Bunga put a thumbs up "anything for a new friend".  

And with that bunga was off running all the way to pride rock where kion was resting " hey kion you won't believe what just happened " and bunga explained everything however bunga wasn't expecting kion's reply "wait janja's back in the pridelands, he better not hurt anybody or else" kion opened his mouth to roar but remembered he was with bunga and stopped himself "anyway jasiri would never mate with someone like him" kion finished with a smirk "actually kion I have mated with janja even if you like it or not!" Kion turned around to see jasiri standing near the entrance "oh hi jasiri I was wondering if I'd see you agai-" kion began before he was interrupted "don't hey jasiri me".

"As far as you should know janja's clan is dead and I'm the only female left in this part of Africa so I've mated with him to form a family also janja's made a truce and a promise truce is him being friendly to the other animals and the promise is he'll never eat another animal unless its already dead okay" jasiri stood there waiting for his reply until "yeah right that no good joker is nothing but trouble where is he?" Jasiri knew what kion was gonna do "in the pridelands" jasiri awaited janja's punishment.

Janja was resting on the ground when he heard a someone it was kion "JANJA! Back to the outlands NOW!" The lion guard and jasiri watched in horror as kion chased janja back to the outlands but what happened next they weren't expecting kion was sitting down next listening to him "I guess kion needed some privacy while talking to Janja" they all sighed with relief meanwhile down in the outlands "so you really do mean it?" Janja nodded proudly before bowing at his feet, "what first your majesty" kion gave Janja a grin "apologize to the other animals" Janja stood up "right I thinking about that?" Janja started walking up to the pridelands when kion grabbed his shoulder "oh and janja sorry about cheezi and chungu".

Janja chuckled " heh yeah I really do miss those guys well I'll remember them but I need to move on and live as long as I'm on my feet" kion nodded "I know what you mean losing mum and dad was one of the saddest things ever in my life but as you said I should move on with my life" they looked at each other then laughed "heh one day we're enemies the next we're friends" kion smirked "yeah I know it is pretty funny no doubt about that" the duo stopped for a minute to think they then resumed walking Janja and Kion started to walk back to the pridelands The rest of the guard went back to their homes knowing that Janja is their new best friend.

As Janja and Kion were returning to the pridelands they both looked up and noticed that Jasiri was the only one waiting Jasiri smiled Kion looked confused "where is everyone?" Jasiri then said "they went home feeling happy about your truce I knew you'd trust him eventually" Janja smirked walked up to Jasiri hugged her and kissed her passionately Jasiri kindly returned the gesture with passion.

And as the night came onto the pridelands kion allowed janja to sleep in his den with Jasiri. Later that night everyone in the Pridelands were sleeping peaceful all except for one perticular hyena, Janja. He was tossing and turning in his sleep.

Janja's DreamEdit

Meanwhile in Janja's dream, Janja was sleeping peacefully till he felt warm. He mumble. "It feels warm in here..." "WAIT WARM!!!!" he shouted. Janja's eyes shot open and quickly sat up. His eyes darted around the room taking in his surroundings. He finally realized that he was in his den inside the volcano. He was so confused. Suddenly someone called out his name "janja". Janja looked toward the entrance of his den. There was a bright light shining he then saw two shadow. "Janja" Now it sounded like more than just one voice. As the shadows got closer he recognized the voices. He glanced looking closers, as the shadows emerged his eyes opened wide.

It was his best friends cheezi and chungu walking toward him. Janja couldn't believe it, "hey Janja what are we gonna do today". Cheezi asked."Yeah Janja tell us the plan, tell us the plan" Chungu said boisterously. Janja was still puzzled. Janja still couldnt believe that his two best friends are alives. Cheezi and Chungu glanced at eachother sharing a look of concern about their leader. After a moment of silence Chungu blinked then spoke "Hey Janja you feeling alright u look like you've seen a ghost". "Um... yeah im fine" Janja snapped out of his puzzlement and changed up his game. "Yeah bro im cool how about we go out and go to the watering hole" Chungu still looked curiously at Janja's behavior. "Good idea Janja maybe we might find some jackals and chase them out."

Suddenly the scene transitioned to cheezi and chungu getting eaten by nuka janja tried to stop him but suddenly he was attacked by kion and was killed too. 

Janja woke with a fright panting he reminded himself it was just a dream nothing else "stupid nightmare" but instead of going back to sleep on his own he decided to snuggle up next to jasiri, jasiri opened one of her eyes confused but then came to realize he probably had a bad dream so she planted a goodnight kiss on his cheek "that should cheer him up" and it did for the rest of the night he was dreaming about jasiri.

Newest Member of the GuardEdit

The next day janja awoke feeling great he had dreamt about jasiri throughout the whole night well probably not the whole night remember he did have that other dream before which he still remembers but despite that he felt great, jasiri awoke to see her strong boyfriend look over the horizon she smiled "enjoying the view janja" janja looked behind him "heh of course I am man this place is beautiful" jasiri grinned "I knew you'd like it well I better be on my way lion guard duty calls for me oh yeah speaking of that kion wants you to become a member of his group".

Kion appeared from behind them " yep I thought that since you've made a truce maybe you could be a big help by joining the team." "" He didn't know what to say so he glanced back at Jasiri. She then got up and walked over to Janja and sat next to him. She smiled but her face showed concern. So she then told him "You dont have to do this if you dont want to." She put a paw on his shoulder "This is your decision Janja" she reassured. "Okay ill do it but only if you will" Janja looked concerned at her.

Kion smiled at Janja then he looked to Jasiri. She said "okay ill do it" Janja grinned big. He was so happy that his mate would be joining him. Kion smiled bigger "alright then its settled welcome to the guard Janja and Jasiri" "Glad to be on your side" Janja said. Jasiri looked more happier than Janja has ever seen before. Kion then ran to tell the guard about Janja being the newest member and assure them that he was on their side. Jasiri looked at Janja and he looked at her.

They both smiled at each other and shared a passionate kiss she then put a paw on his chest. "Well Janja what do you want to do today" she said in a sexy tone. "Well baby I was thinkin maybe we could go on a romantic walk together. Jasiri looked deep into Janja's eyes "I would like that very much." She smiled. "Lets go". So they went on a romatic walk watching the horizon. Jasiri noticed something she stopped walking. "What's wrong?" Janja asked as he stopped in his tracks. Jasiri looked down at the ground thinking for a moment. Her face suddenly gave a mischievous smirk she turned her head and looked at him. "Oh Janja" she sang."Yes" he said. "well i was thinking since it is still early and nobody is awake maybe we could..." she looked up at him with mischievous eyes "have a little fun" those eyes gave him a hint he knew the message she was trying to send. Janja smirked but then said "okay"

So they found a cave to get ready for their fun when janja realized that he'd forgotten condoms "oh great I forgot About condoms" jasiri looked at him and smiled "first time eh me too guess we're both virgins hey wait a minute we're animals we don't use condoms" janja blushed "oh yeah I forgot about that" jasiri giggled in laughter before planting a big one on his lips "ready hot stuff" janja smirked "ready when you are my queen" two hours later "man that was great" janja said surprisingly proud jasiri hugged his chest "sounds like it too your heart's beating fast" janja blushed "must be because I'm with you" jasiri giggled "awww thanks janja" Janja smirked "any time jasiri" and with that they kissed passionately.

Janja and jasiri continue walking until they meet kion again "oh hey new recruit welcome to your training grounds" janja looked around confused "what training grounds?" He asked. Jasiri looked at him and giggled "In order to become a fully fledged member of the guard, you must go through and pass the training grounds test". Janja paused a moment to rebuild his confidence "Okay kion im ready for the test" he said confidently determined. Kion was surprised and taken back by Janja showing so much confidence then himself. Kion smiled and nodded. "Okay let the grounds training test begin".

Test 1 - fight practice:

Janja wondered what the first test will be " uh kion what's the first test?" He asked auspiciously kion smirked "fight practice!!!" Janja's eyes widen when he what he had to do "but what if everyone else except from jasiri of course thinks I've gone bad again", kion put a paw to his face thinking "I don't think the guys will mind besides they're watching us right now right guys?" Janja turned to see fuli beshte ono bunga sitting on the mountain of a rockside beshte grinned "we're over here kion good luck to you both" with that the others cheered the fight had begun.

Kion started it off by swipping his paw which janja obviously knowing was going to happen leaned sideways to the left "heh nice try kion better luck next time" janja laughed not realizing that kion was behind him he was about to creep up on him when they heard a scream it was jasiri she had lost her footing on the rockside and was now clinging onto the rock , janja ran to the rock "hold on jasiri I'm coming" suddenly jasiri lost her grip and fell fortunately just as she about to hit the ground janja caught her in his arms "clumsy are we?" He said jokingly jasiri smiled at him and hugged him followed by a kiss on his cheek "my hero thank you janja wow you're so strong" janja grinned feeling proud of his heroic deed.

Janja put jasiri down on a nearby rock safer to the ground so she could watch without falling again the fight continued until kion was knocked out janja gave him a hand up in good sportsmanship "good match" janja said happily "so what next?" Kion smirked "glad you asked".

Test 2/Final test - obstacle course:

Kion announced the next test and final test will be a obstacle course "the 2nd and last test will be a obstacle course to determined if you got what it takes" the course went like a blast one after the other kion and janja were speeding ahead of each other, the two did occasionally cheat but it was friendly through and through eventually the finish line was in sight kion was determined to win but janja also wanted to win and to their surprise it was a tie janja shook kion's paw thanking him for a great day "thanks for training me today kion" kion smirked "you're welcome dude" jasiri walked up to greet them "thanks for training me too kion I enjoyed the tests too" Jasiri moved her paw over to janja "and thanks for saving me earlier janja I love you" janja blushed with joy "good that you're okay don't know where I'd be if you were dead oh yeah back sulking In the outlands" jasiri giggled blushing too janja grinned before saying "I love you too jasiri" jasiri smiled before planting a pleasant smooch on her hero janja.

Kion walked up to janja smiling "you've done great today janja and thanks to your bravery you stopped a serious accident so I'm proud to announce that you and jasiri are now apart of the guard congratulations guys" janja smiled happy to have achieved becoming a member of the guard "ahhh I love this day" janja grinned at jasiri "but do you wanna what I love more?" Jasiri wondered with a grin "what janja?" Janja smirked "you" jasiri without another word pulled him into another kiss.

And on that day janja earned two things his lion guard mark and a kiss from jasiri. 

Meeting Zuri and TiifuEdit

The day was starting to get close to evening time. Janja decided to walk through the Pridelands with Jasiri by his side. They suddenly stopped in their tracks when they heard someone calling their names. "Janja... Jasiri" They bothed looked at each other confused so they looked back behind them they see Kion running toward them. After Kion caught up with them he stopped "Hey guys i was wondering if you guys would want to meet Kiara's friends, Zuri and Tiifu?". Janja shared a look at Jasiri but then both smiled. "Sure im down for that". He said. Kion gave a smile then said "Come on lets go" so the trio then started heading for Pride rock.

Meanwhile at Pride rock. Kiara was talking to her two best friends, Zuri and tiifu. Tiifu was the first to speak "Queen Kiara what is the plan for today." Kiara thought for a minute "How about we go down to the watering hole to cool off and enjoy the water." "That is a perfect idea my queen." Zuri said. They were about to turn and head for the exit but was stopped when Kion approached them. "Hey Kiara where are you guys going?" he asked. "We're going down to the watering hole, why?"

Before Kion could answer Zuri cut him off. "Shouldn't you bow down and address her as queen..." Kiara noticed Kion and zuri looking annoyed with each other she rolled her eyes and then jumped in "guys its ok... zuri, kion is my brother he doesn't have to bow down." Zuri looked embarrassed from her sudden outburst towards kion. "Hey Kiara" a voice said. Everyone looked toward the entrance of the cave. Kiara and Kion smiled. But Tiifu and Zuri's jaws dropped at sight of the two hyenas.

The girls then screamed " ahhhhhhhhhh... what are they doing here" pointing at the hyenas. The hyenas felt offended but stood there ground and kept there composure. Kion rolled his eyes. Kiara opened her mouth to speak but Zuri cut in being sassy towards them. "Eww... who are these two and what are they doing here" The atmosphere in the room elevated quickly. Kiara and kion looked at Zuri with dismay. Tiifu looked shocked at Zuri's attitude. " That was mean Zuri!" she said. Janja and Jasiri looked at them with discomposure.

Jasiri growled then spoke up looking agitated "uhh... excuse me". "OH NO she did not!!!" Janja looked at Jasiri and saw her getting agitated. He knew what that meant. In his mind he was saying 'what have I gotten myself into, i got front row seats WORLD STAR! WORLD STAR!' Kiara spoke up quickly "zuri calm down, they are our friends now " Kion then said " they are our allies, and also the newest members of the guard" Kiara spoke up "I think you owe them an apology because that was very rude " Kiara added.

Zuri felt ashamed of her sudden outburst. "I'm sorry I was mean to you I'm just not used to seeing hyenas." Janja smiled as Jasiri did then said "eh don't worry about it " he said. Zuri looked up at them and smiled. Tiifu smiled then the two lionesses walking up to them to give them a proper greeting. " Hi... I'm Tiifu, I'm a little shy but Im a really good friend." "Hi... I'm Zuri and I get hot headed sometimes but I dont mean to " "sorry about screamin earlier ". Kiara and kion looked at Tiifu and Zuri on making a mends with the hyenas.

Kiara introduced them "this is Janja and Jasiri" The hyenas both said "hello" "hey". Kion and Kiara smiled at the four of them. In Janja's mind 'damn it i wish jasiri would have fought Zuri, it would have been hilarious' After their introduction the six of them talked for about 3 hours and played for a while too. The sun started to go down.

The six of them bid farewell as kion, jasiri, Janja and kiara headed back to pride rock suddenly they were stopped in their tracks by zuri " i never thought I'd meet two friendly hyenas today even if one of you did use to be evil" she stared at janja, instead of feeling offended again Janja smirked "well I guess I've changed since you last saw me which was a year a go if I'm correct?" Jasiri nudged him with her paw in a playful way he turned around to see her grinning "that is correct speaking of which remember when you pinned me?" Janja gulped nervously "yes" jasiri smirked "well I think it's time i got a little revenge" jasiri jumped onto janja pinning him down he tried to escape but couldn't get of the grip jasiri had on him.

Eventually janja gave up he grinned "you win you got your revenge" he smirked "can I get up now" he said as he looked behind him to see if zuri was still there only to see she was gone having seen jasiri pounce on janja she decided to leave to give them some privacy.

Jasiri giggled in a sexy and flirtious way then she smirked  "not before I do this" with that she leant down and kissed him on the lips and having do this before quite a few times since he met jasiri Janja kissed her back with pride and humility janja grinned "so can I get up now?" Jasiri chuckled "course you can you silly hyena".

And with that they walked back to the pridelands. They finally made it back to pride rock where they both fell asleep together dreaming peacefully.

The visit from Timon and Pumbaa Edit

The next morning Kion and Kiara woke up excited because their uncles Timon and Pumbaa was on there way to visit them. Janja woke up yawning he asked "what's got you two so excited" kion turned around to face him smiling "our uncles timon and pumbaa are coming" janja was confused "who?" Kion rolled his eyes in joy "this might jog your memory hakuna matata" kiara jumped from a rock in the cave "what a wonderful phrase" jasiri had woken up too and began singing as well "hakuna matata ain't no passing craze" janja danced around happily "it means no worries for the rest of your days" they all huddled together "its our problem free philosophy hakuna matata" janja smiled remembering them "oh I remember those two the meerkat and the warthog am I right?" Kion nodded "yep you're correct in fact I can hear them right now".

They all turned to see two familiar faces at the door " hey there kion and kiara nice to see you two again well how's life been?" timon looked around the room for anything new when he spotted jasiri and janja "hy-hy-hyenas!!!" Timon ran to pumbaa's legs hiding under them in fear "have you two gone insane what are those two doing here?" timon shook In fright as he trembled, kion sighed "well here we go again" kion walked over to them "hey timon and pumbaa I'd like you to meet jasiri and janja don't worry they don't bite" timon approached them nervously "nice to meet you jasiri and janja" jasiri waved her paw "hi" janja smirked "hey there timon".

Timon suddenly felt less scared less of them "huh well it looks like we got some new companions here pumbaa well at least they won't try and eat us like shenzi banzai and ed tried to do" janja felt offended by that comment "hey that's my parents you're talking about well minus ed but still" jasiri could see janja was getting angry so she walked over to him "woah easy there babe" janja saw jasiri's face and calmed down "phew thanks jasiri I love you" jasiri smiled happily "love ya too janja", more calm janja walked over to timon "sorry about my outburst I just don't like it when others offend my parents like that especially considering that they cared about me when I was a pup" timon wondered what happened to the hyenas "so what happened to them?".

Janja sighed "well... it started after scar's reign. When scar was killed by hyenas, Simba banished hyenas from the pridelands. my mother who was the matriarch decided to leave the elephant graveyard. So shenzi, banzai and ed took the clan with them to the outlands. After that my mother fell in love with her second in command, Banzai, finally i was born, Ed became an uncle and things were back to the way they were. Lions and hyenas were mortal enemies forever. I always wanted a mom to last forever.

Timon felt bad for him. He then spoke up "what was your mom like". Janja smiled thinking back in his past.

"Well... she was amazing women, she taught me everything i need to know about life. She would always find a way to make you laugh, she would take the time to play. She was a mom who would tell me stories and sing me lullaby even when i had a bad dream she would hold me when i cry. she would always act tough. She was always there when you need her. Hell, she put her life on the line for me, dad and ed. One day... i was playing with mama...... next she and dad well".


Janja was two years old. He was running, jumping playing with his mother. 'You can't catch me' Janja said. 'Oh yeah' shenzi said chasing after him. Shenzi smirked " we'll see about that you Cheek heh you're worser than your father!!!" Ironically after she said that banzai appeared from the den grinning "I thought that was you Shenzi your the one who messes around to be honest we're hyenas it's sort of our thing" banzai laughed when suddenly he felt something hit into him, banzai looked down it was janja janja smiled "daddy" banzai smiled happily "hey there Janja how are you doing?".

Janja smiled "I'm fine dad" banzai sighed "phew that's good at least you're fine I feel I've had a rock thrown on top of me" Shenzi helped her mate up "you okay banzai" banzai grinned "yeah I'm fine won't be so sure about you" banzai as he grabbed Shenzi pinning her to the ground he then began to tickle her with his claws shenzi started laughing "hahahhahahahhahah" she reached her paw out and started tickling banzai banzai started laughing too "hahahhayayhayhaha" this continued for a while until they heard a scream it was janja.

They turned around to see zira chasing him around the graveyard their instincts set in and they jumped in to attack zira unfortunately banzai got mortally wounded from a bite to the neck causing him to lay on the ground limp as he died he said "janja follow in our footsteps be the future king of the clan" janja had tears coming down his face "no daddy no please don't go" banzai smirked weakly "I'm sorry janja but I have to it's the way it goes I'm afraid but I bet you'll make a great leader" and with that banzai died, Shenzi ran over to banzai crying herself "oh no not banzai please no" her sadness soon turned to anger "how dare you kill my husband!!! You'll pay for this!!!" Shenzi pounced on zira who bit her in the leg severely wounding her as well however shenzi continued until zira was dead shenzi panted "how's that for a hyena huh lion".

Shenzi picked janja up in her mouth and took him to a special place it was his favourite hangout where he hung with his friends cheezi and chungu it was a giant volcano janja looked at shenzi in confusion "why am I here? Shenzi had a tear in her eye " janja I'm afraid that mummy has to go now" janja started tearing up again "no please not you too" Shenzi smiled " me and your father will always be with you in here and up there" she said as she pointed to his heart and up in the sky goodbye janja" janja sat there crying as his mother died in front of him his sadness was short lived however as anger took over "I mark my word you lions will be sorry".

-flashback ends-

Janja started crying as he finished his story "and then after that I plotted a bunch of schemes to take over the pride lands until my clan left me" jasiri hugged him as he continued "I was left alone regretful sorry and selfish for my crimes against the pride lands I was close to committing suicide but then jasiri came became my mate And well we're now members of the guard" timon scratched his head in astonishment "so what happened to cheezi and chungu?" Janja looked down at the floor sadly,  jasiri walked over to timon "I'm afraid they're dead we're all he has" timon felt sorry for the hyena's predicament "tell you what an old baboon I know might let you talk to your family and friends" Janja looked up confused "how?" Timon grinned "trust me he may be coocoo to begin with but he's wise loyal and above all else friendly" janja's ears perked up as he stopped crying "so you think I can see him tonight?"  Timon smiled "maybe I'll ask him later okay".

Pumbaa walked over to jasiri "so what did you do?" Jasiri smiled "I helped kion to flatridge rock and also helped him fend off a certain hyena in the room but don't worry he's changed" pumbaa was pleased with her story "so it's true not all hyenas are bad in fact to be honest maybe the reason janja's parents were bad was because the lions wouldn't let them eat anything" everyone turned their heads to pumbaa he was right lions had banished hyenas from eating in the pridelands but that was years ago in fact by the year 2013 it had been forgotten and dropped meaning hyenas were allowed back Into the pridelands at anytime.

Janja was happy with that news but knew that it meant he and jasiri were only allowed considering they were alive and well janja coughed "mhhh excuse me I had something in my throat I think I might be thirsty" kion smiled as he passed janja a bowl of fresh water "here drink this" Janja did as he was told And soon enough his throat was fine again "thanks kion it must had gotten dry while we were talking" everyone laughed as janja waited excitedly for night to come.

The rafiki, the parents and the friends.... and the uncle I guess Edit

Meanwhile at Pride rock... Finally the night has come Janja was excited but he was also nervous. Meeting his parents is one thing but reconnecting with his friends cheezi and chungu that was what he was afraid of, especially after they left him. Janja was snapped out of his thoughts when jasiri nudged him. "Hey you ready to go?" Janja sighed. "Yeah ready as I'll ever be." He said putting on a fake smile. Jasiri wasn't buying it so she looked at him with concern. "Hey... you ok?"

Janja couldnt lie "i dont know... I'm just not ready to meet the fellas." She put a paw on his shoulder "I'm sure Cheezi and Chungu would be happy to see you, besides you'll get to see your parents soon." Janja took a deep breath then smiled "thanks Jasiri you know im really glad im with you, you always know a way to cheer me up." This made her smile as well "Awww your welcome Janja, i love you" "love you too" he said. Then they both left for Rafiki's tree.

When they arrived at the tree they were greeted by a strange old baboon who looked more like a mandrill "hello I'm raifki so why have you come to see me?" Janja grinned "uhm well I heard from a friend of mine that you were a wise loyal friend to simba so I was wondering you know when you allowed him to talk to his father well I was wondering could I speak to my parents and my friends together please?" Rafiki gave him a yes nod "of course you can I've seen how you been with the others so my answer is yes" janja grinned happily and hugged rafiki "thanks rafiki you're the best".

Rafiki smiled "always glad to help a friend or two he said pointing to jasiri or three he pointed to kion and kiara" the rest of them were excited when they heard that they could talk to their parents too, janja's nervousness was going down slowly he looked at the sky suddenly it started to move until eventually he saw the faces of shenzi banzai ed cheezi and chungu janja was thinking of what to say to them "hey mum hey dad heh hey ed" shenzi smiled when she saw her son shenzi smirked "so how you doing janja?" Janja grinned "its a long story" he said as he looked to everyone else, by the time he was done Shenzi and banzai had tears in their eyes so did ed shenzi coughed "excuse me just a little water in my eyes" she grinned embarrassingly at everyone "so all this time we were allowed back in?" Janja nodded "yep" shenzi looked down sadly "well I wasted all my life in a graveyard" banzai comforted her "no you didn't Shenzi you were queen of a clan you married me and you had a son what More did you want?" Shenzi looked up at him "freedom? Acceptance? And an apology to all the lions we've tormented oh wait a minute I'm in heaven I can apologize now sorry lions well except zira and scar but sorry you other lions" sarabi mufasa simba and Nala appeared in the sky "we forgive you and all other hyenas".

Shenzi was happy with their reply "thank you your Majesties" she said as she bowed down along with banzai and ed, janja looked at jasiri "should we bow?" Jasiri nodded "its a good move to do when you meet kings and queens or matriarchs like Shenzi you know your mum" janja nodded "yeah I know I'll do it now" janja and jasiri joined in with the bowing suddenly the sky shook again Janja knew who were next "cheezi? Chungu?" Cheezi appeared in the sky "hey janja nice to see you Again" chungu nodded "yeah its been a long time" janja was confused "but I thought you guys hated me after leaving with jasiri" he looked at Jasiri "no offence" jasiri smiled "none taken" cheezi and chungu looked at their leader with concerned looks on their faces "Janja are you okay?" Cheezi asked worriedly chungu spoke too "yeah you sound really sad".

Janja looked up at them with tears in his eyes "I've missed you guys so much, you two are my best friends and I couldn't live without you two" cheezi's smile turned into a sad smirk "so what's been happening while we've been away? besides you getting a girlfriend" janja smirked "well I mean you two were two people I couldn't live without the others were Jasiri and my parents uhm I've become a member of the guard with jasiri obviously and yes she is my girlfriend" Jasiri walked over and grabbed his chest happily "it took a while to begin with when I first saw him but we ended up together either way anyway I think our relationship is cute" janja smirked "so do I oh yeah and sorry for being a jackass when you first saw me" jasiri kissed him on the cheek "I knew you were sad and I don't mind what happened".

Shenzi looked at Jasiri " so this is asante's daughter eh heh nice to meet you Jasiri thank you for making our son happy" banzai joined in "yeah it means a lot to us especially considering he was alone for quite some time from what I hear" jasiri smiled happily "you're welcome your Majesty" shenzi smirked "please call me shenzi and my husband banzai we're not really big on formal names or though matriarch shenzi does have a ring to it" banzai agreed "yeah it does but mostly because you said it babe" shenzi looked at banzai romantically "come here banzai" banzai walked over to shenzi "why am I here babe?" He said with a smirk shenzi smirked "because I want to give you this with that she closed her eyes before kissing him on the lips they stopped when they realized they'll still being watched shenzi blushed in embarrassment "oh sorry got a little carried away there".

Banzai smiled at her "well one thing's for sure I enjoyed it" Shenzi smiled at his comment "aww thanks banzai" Janja looked up cheekily Rolling his eyes and shrugging before facing his attention to cheezi and chungu "well its been pleasure to see you guys again same time next week" rafiki looked at his pretend calendar "hmm can't see why not?" Janja waved his paw "nice to see you Two again bye!!!" And with that they disappeared, Shenzi looked at her pretend watch "well we better be going too bye janja" banzai gave him a farewell as well "bye see you soon janja" as they too disappeared.

Jasiri waved goodbye to her mother asante "bye mum see you soon" asante smiled "bye jasiri see you soon" jasiri cried happily meanwhile kion and kiara gave farewell to their parents too kion smiled "bye dad bye mum" kiara smiled "we'll miss you" simba and Nala grinned "we'll miss you too bye kion bye kiara" kion and kiara waved their paws "bye" "bye".

Everyone thanked rafiki for the special hey from deceased family and friends. Everyone finally went back home exhausted from all the excitement.

Marriage and the.... wedding crasher Edit

Janja awoke the next day he was excited today he was getting married to jasiri he was nervous but up for the wedding as well he had a deep breath "hoo okay you can do this there's no need to be afraid okay act tough and excited" suddenly he heard a voice "oh janja" janja turned around there standing in the corner was his soon matriarch Queen jasiri looking beautiful as ever, janja approached her "you look beautiful jasiri" jasiri giggled flirtiously before touching his chin with her paw "well I think you look handsome janja" she looked at him to see him worried.

She knew he was nervous "are you nervous?" Janja nodded "yep you?" Jasiri nodded "a little" they stared into each other's eyes janja rubbed the back of his head "heh this is a awkward question but how did you learn Australian and Swahili" jasiri looked at him happily before replying with "I met this human called maia she could talk to animals she taught me Australian she was quite nice and a lot like me however with Swahili it's our native language so it was easy to get started on" janja grinned "oh yeah i know her she married some bloke called Andrew didn't she anyway think you can teach me some Australian when we're married?" jasiri nodded "I'll be happy too" janja smiled "crikey time we got to the front of pride rock" he reached his arm out for jasiri to hold onto "shall we go my wife I mean jasiri" he laughed at his mistake "heh hahaha".

Jasiri smiled "woah calm down janja you're starting to sound like cheezi" Janja stopped laughing "heh sorry bit of a habit but it's natural considering we're the pridelands jokesters I mean we are hyenas after all are we not?" Jasiri smiled "we are janja lead the way" so they both headed for pride rock. 

When the pair got to pride rock, they met up with the kion, kiara , the guard, tiifu and zuri. Timon and pumbaa left yesterday for home. Kiara was the first to speak "Hey Jasiri, hi janja" "Hello queen Kiara" Jasiri and Janja said. "As you know, Kion and I have decided to have a little bachelor and Bachelette party before the wedding starts." Everyone was excited, Kiara decided to have the bachelorette party in pride rock while kion takes Janja to the lion guard lair. Kion took janja to the side "hey janja we're going to throw a hell of a bachelor party just for you" janja was excited "awesome a party for me, wow thanks guys" Kion smiled "lets go" they started walking till Janja realized he had forgot about jasiri. 

Janja told the boys to go on ahead so the boys started walking towards the lair. Jasiri snuck away from the other girls and searched for janja but couldn't find him. She figured he probably went off to the bachelor party. She was about to turn back when suddenly she was tackled to the ground she looked up and saw Janja greeting her with a kiss. She smiled and kissed him back. "Thought you went to the party?" She said. "I told the boys that I'd catch up." He gave a mischievous smirk. "Now where were we" Jasiri gave him a flirtious look. "I think i remember" 

With that said she pulled him down an kissed him wildly. After a five minute make out session they heard someone cough. They both froze in place then looked up and saw Fuli standing there. " hope i ain't interrupting something" Fuli smirked. Janja and jasiri quickly separated. "I... uh... got to get to the party see you in few hours babe." Janja said and gave Jasiri a quick kiss before he dissapeared. Fuli looked at jasiri "we were looking everywhere for you. Anyway we're gonna have a bachelorette party in your honor" jasiri looked at fuli "okay sounds cool".

Janja arrived at the lair "hey kion" kion ran up to janja happily "yo janja you ready for fun guess what we booked a stripper wanna know who it is? wait and see" kion giggled cheekily "you're gonna love this" janja thought for a moment "what female could it be?" The vines opened up and out stepped a hot female jackal she winked at janja "I'm shida nice to meet you" janja smirked "nice to meet you shida uhm don't mind me asking but your name means trouble am I right?" Shida nodded "yes you are correct wanna know why?" she went over to janja and gave him a lap dance "enjoying it hot stuff" janja nodded "yes I am" shida sat down on his lap "good because you'll love this" shida closed her eyes and kissed him while holding his chest when they were done janja replied with "okay that was amazing but remember don't get too feisty I do have a girlfriend you know?".

Meanwhile jasiri was having a fun time too her friends had booked a band to come to play some music for her they'd had invited. The band was called "Jackals Moore". (Jackal moore is a band of Jackals who loves to sing punk rock music. The leaders name was kubwa. He is a hot, sexy jackal that had a burning desire when comes to hyenas.) They're gonna play sisi ni sawa while they were singing it jasiri joined in too "sisi ni sawa we are the same".

After the song was over jasiri thanked Kubwa and his band. " Thank you for everything i really had a blast." "Your welcome Jasiri" Kubwa said winking. Jasiri blushed. They suddenly they heard "Aaaaahhhhh" they both looked over and saw the girls praising and adoring the other band members. "Kubwa... we could use a little help right now." Hatari (band member) said desperately before him and the band making a quick exit with kiara, zuri, Tiifu and even fuli hot on their tails. Kubwa and Jasiri just laughed. "Wow unbelievable" jasiri started. "Yeah" he gave a smirk.

Meanwhile Janja got up from his chair and thanked shida "thanks for the fun shida hope to see you again some other time as friends of course" shida smiled "friends of course" shida looked to her right to see a male jackal run past "woah how's that guy?" She gave chase to the male jackal until he stopped "hey you're kind of cute" kubwa said handsomely " haven't seen you before what's your name?" Shida smiled "shida and thanks I think you're really hot so what's your name?" kubwa smirked "its kubwa alright you, me my den five minutes" shida smirked "I'll be there hot stuff" they walked away while the others ran from kiara tiifu zuri and fuli "help!!!".

Kion gave chase to them and calmed them down "easy there girls and kiara you don't want them to think you're perverts do you?" They looked at each other before looking down sadly kiara spoke "maybe its for the best ah well it doesn't matter I still have Kovu" kiara said finishing sentence happily fuli rubbed her arm embarrassed "sorry wasn't feeling like myself there anyway I'll always be your girl kion even if I do chase other boys occasionally" fuli kissed kion on the lips as she moved away kion smirked "I'll always love you too well there were two other girls I met and dated but I think you're the perfect girl for me you sexy cheetah"

fuli smirked "I think the same kion heh let me guess tiifu and jasiri" kion looked shocked "who did you know that? Fuli smiled "I knew from the start you were always talking about them heh guess that makes you a chick magnet" kion smiled while blushing "yeah I guess I am" tiifu and zuri just nodded kion smiled "anyway you'll see them again" kion looked at fuli "at our wedding" fuli smiled "I'd love to" she said as she jumped into his arms "take me to pride rock my Prince" kion smirked "as wish my princess" and with that they went back to pride rock For the wedding.

Janja came out from the lair and went to the front of pride rock he was confused "where is everyone?" Jasiri came out smiling cheekily "kion had to chase down kiara tiifu zuri and fuli because they were chasing down a band who came to the bachelorette party for me you?" Janja was worried he didn't what to say "uhm we had a few drinks and partied to the music" jasiri smirked "are you sure you aren't lying to me" janja gave in "okay we had some drinks partied to some music and a stripper named shida was involved" janja was nervous was jasiri gonna slap him for this.

Jasiri winked at janja "I'm not gonna slap you why would I do that to my boyfriend soon to be husband I've been a stripper myself for a guy getting married to another woman so I'm cool with shida" janja breathed a sigh of relief suddenly they heard someone's voice "well if it isn't janja and jasiri" janja and jasiri turned their heads to see nuka in front of them, janja prepared to fight but jasiri suggested talking first "janja let's chat with him first okay maybe he can tell us why he killed cheezi and chungu" nuka was puzzled "that wasn't me must have been someone in disguise" janja wondered to himself who could've disguise as nuka until they heard a familiar voice "hey you figured it out" they turned around to see dogo who had grown into a full adult janja gnashed his teeth "you killed my friends" as did nuka "and you framed me for the murders too" nuka and janja slowly approached him dogo stepped backwards away from them dogo was petrified he begged for His life "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to kill them I was forced" janja rolled his eyes "by who?".

"Wow what a surprise all four of you ready to be eaten" janja turned around as did dogo nuka and jasiri to see who it was it turned out be none other than makucha "and dogo you're fired" janja was really angry "you three bastards are gonna pay for your sins!!!" Nuka rolled his eyes "and what exactly did I do?" Janja yelled loudly "you killed simba and Nala and you're loyal to zira the bitch who killed my mother and father so what do you think?!!!" Nuka chuckled "heh well I guess I'm guilty but so what you should watch your mouth you little twat" nuka gnashed his teeth.

Janja jumped back as they approached him "oh so you guys wanna take me on well bring it on jasiri get behind" but jasiri teared up "i won't let you get killed" she Rubbed her eyes before angrily looking at nuka dogo and makucha "I'm with you till the end" suddenly they heard a voice "us too" came a voice it was kion's voice he had arrived back from the talk with kiara tiifu fuli and zuri and as they prepared to fight ono beshte and bunga appeared behind them, dogo panicked about the situation but was shushed by nuka as dogo gained his confidence yet again he and nuka stood side by side together.

Suddenly before anyone knew it all three lunged at Janja who with a swift move with his legs sent nuka dogo and makucha screaming as they fell from pridelands where they landed on the rocks below and died from the impact killing them as a result, janja looked down smirking "hope you bastards go to hell so long assholes" he sat up and looked at his friends "thanks for the help by blocking their escape" kion smirked "heh anything for a friend I'm just glad those dicks are dead" everyone chimed in saying that dogo nuka and makucha did deserve to die for their sins to the pridelands "okay janja your turn" janja's eyes widen "what?" Kion burst out laughing "hahahah you totally fell for it" janja rolled his eyes as he looked at jasiri "thanks for the support too babe I love you" jasiri grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him into a kiss.

- 6 minutes later -

Rafiki finished his prayer by saying "you may now kiss the matriarch" janja smiled happily at jasiri before pulling her into a kiss and as they exited the pridelands to head to the outlands Janja was now helping to know that not committing suicide was a great idea, finding the murderers and killing them put his mind to rest, becoming friends with the lion guard and their friends was awesome, seeing his parents and friends again made him glad to know he could still talk to them and marrying Jasiri changed his life forever once a evil teenage hyena was now a happy mature adult Male with a child or two to look forward to.


The end.

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