the unusual world of death messageEdit

"10 deaths per episodes and all can be explained".

episode 1 - death shows upEdit

"death is a frightening experience but how would you rather die fall from a high height or drown, choke or burn alive, get frozen alive or be decapitated or worse impaled either way I'm pretty you don't want this to happen to you unfortunately the same can't be said about the scooter girl who cracks her head and neck, the couch who's stomach gets ruptured by balls, the fashionista who fails and then blows out, the cowboy who shoots himself by accident, the builder who tries to fit in but squashes his head, the runner who's sweat gets the better of her, the animator who's frustration explodes in his face, the bully who becomes prey to his own prank, the prankster who's prank leaves him feeling a little impaled and the actor who suffers a terrible poisoning from all the crazy deaths today please enjoy but for grief for these unlucky minds".

1- scooter kill:

"Scootaloo loves riding her scooter she was a tomboyish girl who loved being awesome so she became a rebel unfortunately what that means was she never wore a helmet on her head which is extremely dangerous considering the possibilities of injury from a cracked skull to a spine dislocation either way she didn't consider it for one minute at all, unfortunately for scootaloo that day she was riding her scooter on a pavement when her wheels slipped causing her to fall off her scooter and snap her neck destroying her spine as well as crack her head causing brain hemorrhaging killing her in a gruesome way".

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