"(Cries) why did they have to remove hershey cat". "Ahem sorry about that". "But don't you get annoyed when they removed a character from a comic hershey (cries again)". ahem sorry again". 

"So on this list we count all the removed sonic comic characters".

the listEdit

10-julie su: "a badass echidna and perfect for knuckles". "Julie su was removed because sega and Ken panders had a falling out".

9-hershey cat: "hershey cat is Geoffrey st John's wife and was removed because Ken couldn't keep up with the character". "And so she was cut and was killed offscreen".

8-Geoffrey st john: "a Australian skunk with a awesome voice just listen"("crikey") see". "He was removed from the comics because sega and Ken panders thought the character wouldn't fit in and he was cut".

7-barby koala: a awesome koala and one of tails's sweethearts. "Barby or Barbie as some people call her". Was removed because the creators of the comics thought she wouldn't fit in.

6-Elias acorn: "sally's brother and previous Prince of mobius was removed because his background wasn't always pleasant".

5-ash mongoose:"mina's boyfriend in mobius prime was removed because sega swapped him with tails". 

4-Jules hedgehog: "Jules is sonic's father and was removed because of unknown reasons".

3-lien da: "Julie's evil stepsister and grand master to shadow ahem I mean king shadow Was removed because of unknown reasons".

2-nic the weasel: "nack's sister and fiona's original jewel thief friend Was removed for unknown reasons".

1-fiona fox: a badass vixen with hatred for betrayers Was removed for unknown".

Honourable mentions.Edit

"Every other character".


"Thanks for reading". "I hope sega and archie comics brings back these amazing characters".

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