"God damn weasels". "Oh hi it's me Wadeyyy19 and welcome to my top 12 evil animals in films".

"This is the first installment of it". "This list will feature animals from films".

"Let's begin".

the list Edit

12-vultures:" evil birds with bald heads who eat the corpses of dead animals or people". "An example includes the vultures from ice age"."another is buck from oscar's oasis".

11-weasels:"furry and skinny creatures who like foxes are sneaky". "Weasels are sometimes mean". "Example includes weasels from winds in the willows".another is fang(nack)".

10-horses:"I know horses are usually good guys". "But some horses are bad and evil especially on stage coaches"."Example include king sombra from mlp". Another is bad horse".

9-foxes:"red sly and traitorous foxes always seem to be sidekicks to villains". "Example includes farley from Charlotte's web 2". "Another is miles prower(anti tails)'.

8-hyenas:"naughty giggling and bad poachers". "Hyenas are Africa's most dangerous animals"."Example includes shenzi banzai and ed from the lion king. "Another includes woof from batman".