"Ahhhhhhh" (stab). "Oh hi it's me Wadeyyy19 and welcome to my top ten serial killers list".

"Be sure that this includes serial killers that I know so guys like you guys know will not be on the list". "But will be on a another list".

"So let's begin".

the listEdit

10-slenderman:"a blank faced guy in a tuxedo". "Slenderman stalks and follows people who collect his pages(8 to be exact)"."if you see him you know it's too late". "Slenderman uses his tentacles which protrude from his back". "And if you look at him in the face well let's just say it isn't pretty".

9-leatherface:"a man who wears his victims skins for a mask and carries a chainsaw". "Leatherface objective is to lure teens into a abandoned warehouse and kill them". "Leatherface is a guy you don't want to mess with". 'There's no use running he will get you".

8-jeff the killer:"the psychotic thirteen year old makes a return". "Jeff is said to kill people by standing near their beds and killing them these include children teens and adults". "He is famous for his horrific face features and the line he says before he kills his victims ("go to sleep!)".

7-pinhead: "pinhead is a psychotic guy who kills his victims by pulling their skin on fish hooks"."He is a guy who you might try to run away from but not get far"." He has bolts all over his face and is inhumane". "I advise to stay away from this guy".

6-freddy Krueger:"the Prince of nightmares and psychotic killer of the night". "He kills his victims in their sleep and anything that happens in their dreams happen in real life". "He uses his trademark gloves to slice through his their body".

5-chucky: "a evil doll(like I haven't heard a million times) who tries to tap his body into someone else". "He tries this because h