"Hello and welcome to my uncovering and discovering show". "The show that takes your favourite creepypastas and talks about".

"So let's begin".

Jeff the killerEdit

"Jeff the killer oh this one". "Jeff the killer is a creepypasta about a young boy who gets turned into a psychopath". "Ok first".

                                             "The story:

"This story begins by telling us about a ominous newspaper story that states a man wearing a while hoodie and holding a knife came into a little boy's room through the window".

"The boy said that a guy came in through his window and he would've been killed if it weren't for his dad, the killer throws his knife into the boy's dad's shoulder and runs before the police arrive".

"It then tells us about Jeff and his family who had moved in, his mum met a friendly neighbour and her son Billy and are invited to a party jeff and Liu deconfirmed but their mum".

"As they wait at the bus stop one night a trio of skateboarders one fat one thin and one the leader say to them to give them the money but Jeff beats them up and he and Liu run".

"The next day some officers come round his house and are about to take Jeff to juvenile when Liu come downstairs lying saying he did it and is taken away leaving Jeff his mother and father very sad".

"Next day Jeff's mum wakes him up and tells him to get some clothes on so he puts on a white hoodie and they go, when they get there Jeff is bored but eventually joins in with the kids".

"Suddenly Randy troy and Keith jump over the fence with skateboards and troy and Keith pull out guns and aim them at the adults and kids saying no sudden movements or guts will fly".

"It then cuts to Jeff losing sanity and could only kill so he punches Randy in the heart killing him and kills troy by hitting him with a towel rack and kills Keith by hitting him with the rack too".

"Jeff is in the hospital and he waits for his family, the day the bandages came and Jeff's face is different he now has white leathery skin, red lips and his brown hair had turned black".

"So jeff and his family go home, Jeff cuts his mouth and burns his eyelids he then kills his mother and father then goes to kills Liu but not before saying".

                                                  "Shhh GO TO SLEEP!".


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