Vanoss and friends pt 1Edit

1-,Delirious singing. Wildcat's rectum and Lui's date:

It was just another average day on gta

(Clown noise and delirious face pops up)

Vanoss:"what the fuck I was just standing here then this fucking clown came out of nowhere".

Delirious:"hahahahahahahahahaha". (Starts singing)

Vanoss:"uhh delirious why are you singing".

Delirious:"I'm not fuck you dadadadado".

(Screen goes static)

(Wildcat takes a poop and leaves the bathroom)

wildcat:"trust me you do not want to go in there".

Vanoss:"eww broccoli geez man what did you eat".

Wildcat:"nobody talks About my rectum Hahahahaha".

(Screen goes static)

Vanoss:"monkey is this your date".

Lui:"yeah and she's hot

(Delirious comes out of nowhere and hits Lui with a baseball bat)



Lui:"fuck you delirious Hahahahaha

(Afterglow by reaktor production plays)

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