easter eggs in gamesEdit

Sonic generations: in the zone city escape, when you are about to be chased by the giant truck, you will see a poster with ray the flying squirrel and mighty the armadillo that says missing since 1993.

Dead rising: I noticed that while watching my brother play his copy of dead rising. One of the shops you enter is called Jill's sandwiches. Fans of resident evil may see this as a homage to the famous line "you were almost a Jill's sandwich" that was featured on the first resident evil game. Resident evil is another zombie game famous for making the survival horror videogame genre famous.

Gta 4: fly a copter to the statue of happiness. Jump out of the copter so you land on highest area with doors. One of the four doors will have blood stains on the floor in front of it and 2 signs on either side saying "no hidden content through here". That door is actually not Solid!. So walk through it to find a ladder. Climb the ladder, and you will be face to face with a beating heart of the city! Shooting it causes blood to come out.

Sonic rush: this is a very simple "egg". When your character is located on the touchscreen, poke it with the stylus. They'll do something unusual. This also works for small animals. Poke any and it will hop. Do it sometimes, the animal will run.

Call of duty modern warfare: on "crew expendable" After the helicopter clears the upper deck and gaz is dropped of he will pull out a shotgun and say at a nearby door "I like to keep this for close encounters" and a nearby soldier will reply "too right", which is from the film aliens.

The incredible the game: in the first level, you have to knock over a tower to knock down the helicopter has pxar or something on it. Pxar is an abbreviation for pixar( for stupid people who didn't know pixar made the incredibles.

Lego indiana Jones: go to the 4th (I think) cutscene and wait until it shows arnold toht reading a magazine. Look at the magazine cover. You could see a floating fedora, and well next to it is a pic of mutt williams from kingdom of the Crystal skull!.

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