the characterEdit

"Wadey was actually the shorten version of Wadeyyy19 and was the main account name for me and my siblings at the same time I had seen loads of Disney movies like Pinocchio and hercules and I bet most of you are familiar with the lion king".

"Well here's where I got the character design idea you see there were three characters that really stood out to me they were called shenzi banzai and ed and they were these really cheeky and hilarious hyenas who would try and kill simba or anyone else but always fail in the end".

"Many others came to mind after countless fan art of these three so much that I decided that's the species I want my main oc to be and so I got started by drawing a picture of him at school and his fur is based on the minecraft skin I use when I play minecraft with jj or cookieman briniest terror or swa75".

"So pretty much after many designs I settled on a character who was a very cheeky and quite at times a temperamental character who wore nothing but a pair of green trousers and a blue top that said keep calm and die today". 

"And so that's how my character was created

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