In an unofferised lab hit the target along with the squids and other YouTuber enemies get ready to get revenge.

Meanwhile vanoss was busy doing one of his videos called Nogla's mum puncake and car glitches. With his friends (h20delirious I am wildcat Lui calibre nogla bassicallyidowrk and the terrorister. Afterglow played when it was finished. "Great work guys".

Just then vanoss heard a knock at the door and opened it and in walked(skydoesminecraft stampy jacksgap smosh tobuscus and pewdiepie.) "Have You heard the news, hit the target and friends are after us". "Who's hit the target?" Vanoss asked. "My enemy" said stampy. "So why do you need my help?". "Not just your help everyone's help. I'll call my other friends. "We'll be there". 

Next we shown a truck full of all the other YouTubers. "This is just like gta! Hahahahah" laughed delirious. Everyone shushed him. "We're going to a top secret location that we call youtube city. There we can find where there hiding. 

Suddenly a dark cloud covered them. The dark cloud turned out to be soldiers of hit the target. They shoot all the soldiers down. "So what now?" Our next location is the espionage express because they came in that direction. Okay. So they get on the train but 3 YouTubers are knocked off(iJustine Shane jontron) by soldiers. 

Stampy opens a cable car and they jump in."okay let's go". Stampy and co came up to a door and walked in. Vanoss asked "so this hit the target guy + co Are they like a terrorist group or something".

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