Youtuber lifes episode 1 - WadeyGamingEdit

"World watch out because Wadey's about, yes that right today we're gonna be talking about yours truly WadeyGaming also known as the gaming hyena, wadey hyena and the game hyena is a game reviewer, and let's player who also does game tips, walkthrough and top 10s".

"The most similar thing he does like everyone else is make an oc(Original character)". " the character is an anthropomorphic hyena named Wadey who's named after the channel and the person using the channel which of course is me WadeyGaming". "The character design and idea came from multiple things but mostly it was the lion king, sonic series, and of course my nickname being Wadey".

The channel will feature well video games duh and when I say video games I mean all of them especially Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and others like capcom, treyarch, Rockstar, and konami as well as other great game companies".

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