YouTubers talk episode 1: a first meetingEdit

Following YouTubers in: pewdiepie smosh captainsparklez h20delirious stampylongnose shane Dawson vanossgaming.

pewdiepie: hey guys it's me pewdiepie! and today I'm joined by some other YouTube stars

Smosh: hi

Captainsparklez: hi

Delirious:hi Hahahahaha

Stampy: hello 

Shane: hi guys

Vanoss: hello 

Pewds: we are in a chat room for our new channel YouTubers talk.

Delirious: that's right bitches Hahahahaha

Shane: so on this channel a group of YouTubers like us will sit and talk about stuff.

vanoss: yup and stuff like our videos and each other and yeah.

smosh: so vanoss we love watching your videos on YouTube like we didn't really know you were half Chinese and half Korean.

Vanoss: thanks and I love how you guys act like knuckleheads in your videos

delirious:hi stampy what was your inspiration to do minecraft?

Stampy: I was told by people to do minecraft I asked what is minecraft, so I looked it up online and found Wikipedia and after reading minecraft on stuff and I got the game and built my lovely world.

delirious: wow 

shane: hi delirious what is your real name?

Delirious: Jonathan

shane: wow that's a cool name

Vanoss: pewdiepie where did you get that account name from?

Pewds: the pew came from the sound of a gun, the die came from dead, and the pie came from the pastry.

vanoss: intresting

Pewds: captain sparkles why did you start making minecraft songs on YouTube?

Captain sparkle: well because I enjoy the game so much I decided to make music videos.


Delirious: well I got a another question for smosh, why did you start making gta 5 videos? 

Smosh: well david(known as lasercorn) said to us maybe we should another gaming and so grand theft smosh was born.


Pewds: Well that's all we got time for now but we will be seeing you again soon(episode 19) bye 

Everyone else:bye 

YouTubers talk episode 2: a new bunchEdit

Joining this week are: avgn nostalgia critic peanutbuttergamer caddicarus And matpat(game theorist)

Avgn: hello people and this the avgn reporting to you with friends.

Caddicarus: hello my lovely people


Matpat: hi 

And of course 

Nostalgia critic: hello 

Avgn: so matpat how did you come up for game theory?

Matpat: well I had an idea and decided to make a game theory show for myself and yeah.

avgn: ha

Pbg:hey caddie I got a question for you. What place are your videos filmed?

Caddicarus:in my bedroom in a cabin and outside.


Matpat: nostalgia critic what gave the idea to make the web series(the nc)?

Nostalgia critic: I got the idea to do it when I laughed at myself after watching one of my own videos and to this day I still do films.

Matpat: great

Caddicarus: Pbg what gave you the idea to make g files?

Pbg: well I really got into gaming and decided to make a files show.


Nostalgia critic: hey avgn I got a question for you. What gave you the idea to make a game review show.

Avgn: well same as Pbg caddicarus and Matpat

Nc: woah

Avgn: well that's all we got time for but you will be seeing us soon(episode 23) and bye

Everyone else: bye

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